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I have advised and acted in many cases involving EU, UK and US competition (antitrust) and free trade law, in particular relating to intellectual property and commercial agreements.

The subject-matter of the cases has included

restrictions on "screen-scraping" of data from websites of suppliers to facilitate aggregation of different services or price comparisons

legality of GSM gateways

pricing of access to sports fixture databases

licensing and exclusive dealing agreements relating to industrial chemicals

the pricing of interfaces in computer telephony integration 

price-fixing and resale price maintenance in relation to vehicle parts

discrimination against parallel imports of computer hardware

settlements of intellectual property litigation

international patent and trade mark licensing

the establishment of a worldwide joint venture for the development and marketing of pharmaceuticals

the compatibility of UK copyright law with the prohibition of barriers on trade in the Treaty of Rome

territorial and other restrictions in franchise agreements

alleged partitioning of the world market in liturgical books.

I have experience of dealing with these issues in

court proceedings in the UK and the US

investigations by the EU Commission, the UK Office of Fair Trading and OFTEL (acting in some cases for complainants and in others for parties whose conduct is being investigated)

arbitrations and

contractual negotiations.   

Further details of some of these cases are set out on my Cases page, but many of these matters are confidential.

I was introduced into this area when working as a law clerk for Sughrue & partners, intellectual property and antitrust attorneys in Washington DC. I subsequently studied EC competition and free trade law for my Masters Degree at Brussels University, where I also took an option in US antitrust law. Further details of my education are set out in my curriculum vitae.

I have written extensively on EC and UK competition and free trade law, including the textbook Intellectual Property and EU Competition Law (OUP 2010); the section on the application of EC competition law to intellectual property in Vaughan & Robertson's Law of the European Union; and various articles, including a seminal article on the need for an effective competition law in the UK. That article and a draft Bill which I prepared led to the UK Competition Act 1998. Click here for further details.


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